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marching bass drum It can be difficult to determine which technology and business initiatives or programs are worth pursuing, spending more time investigating or eliminating altogether.

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half life gameplay What sets high performing IT organisations apart from the rest? It could very well be their ability to anticipate. The days of IT thinking it needs to ‘align’ with the organisation are over.

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tell me your name Difficult situations with customers are often the result of a reactive rather than a consultative IT mindset.

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ohio gas prices The rules of time management have changed – the days of showing up to the office, working through your inbox, shifting items to your outbox, going home and repeating the same sequence the next day are well and truly over.

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karaoke bee gees ​CIO Australia contributor Lou Markstrom discusses why your ability to build rapport with customers may decide your success as an IT professional and how you can evolve into the role of a consultant.

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christian hip hop dance Is your IT transformation progressing at the rate you would like? Has it stagnated or hit so much resistance along the way that you are doubting if it will happen?

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como crear una empresa CIO Australia contributor Lou Markstrom discusses how IT organisations can be more efficient and effective in managing third-party service providers.

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songtext in your arms CIO Australia contributor Lou Markstrom discusses the ingredients that are necessary to support and create a culture of innovation.​

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como hacer dinero Stress is part of our everyday lives. Our ability to deal with it, direct it or eliminate it will have a big impact our levels of effectiveness, wellbeing and satisfaction now and in their future.

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razem sam na sam ​CIO Australia contributor Lou Markstrom highlights 6 ways ​to break down the divides in your IT team and operate as one.

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mini forex trading Organisational politics are a reality and we can either take the approach of burying our heads in the sand and pretend they don’t exist or recognise that political savvy is an essential skill for all levels of an IT organisation.

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rbd feliz cumpleanos CIO Australia contributor Lou Markstrom discusses ways to improve collaboration between the IT group and the rest of the organisation.

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urban and regional planning CIO Australia contributor Lou Markstrom discusses the critical elements of creating a culture of service excellence that you should keep in mind.

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penn state university In a fast changing and competitive global marketplace, the need for enterprises to act with adaptability and agility is more important than ever.

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plenty of phish Pitfalls that you must address to drive IT further up the business value chain.

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