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hello kitty website When I was a venture capital partner, it was fascinating to see how many startup founders were sitting in large enterprises and had great ideas, but were perhaps afraid to take them to management.

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in wall safe Under pressure to reduce operational costs, tech chiefs are increasingly taking advantage of cheaper offshore resources and labour arbitrage.

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chevy intake manifold Imagine there’s a critical business issue that you need fixed and unfortunately, it’s not an assignment for your internal IT team. You don’t like consultants and you haven’t used them previously. But now you need to find someone quickly who can provide the necessary expertise.

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new jersey courts online Here are 6 tips for managing your suppliers

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rey mysterio music video 6 ways to ensure your team members work well together to overcome inevitable issues.

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san diego visitors bureau As a tech chief, chances are you deal with ‘mini crisis’ situations regularly. But how do you respond when something truly terrible happens?

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roosevelt hotel ny Here are 7 steps for creating a technology strategy that will work.

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foundation repair dallas IT automation is a threat and an opportunity. On one hand, it slashes the cost of certain business processes. On the other, it threatens jobs. Automation will buy or eat your lunch.

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war with iraq Will you hire a risk manager, technologist, white hat hacker or cop?

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crystal golf balls There’s a significant level of hype around machine learning – generated by tech vendors, the media, and even CIOs themselves. But putting the hoopla aside, machine learning technologies actually have real substance and as a CIO, it’s worthwhile getting on top of the trends in this area.

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volume of a sphere As a CIO we all have different experiences with our supervisor. Of course there are huge variances in who we report to – the CEO, COO, CFO, global CIO or regional CIO for example. In each instance (and I’ve had experiences with each example), there are pluses and minuses.

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ball girl amazing catch As a CIO, you will discover business-driven projects are already underway and you or your team haven’t been included in them. How do you react to this?

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bergenfield high school Australia is playing ‘catchup’ on broadband service delivery and our slowness will work against us in terms of international competitiveness.

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sebo do messias Your transformation journey will have much discomfort and adjustment. Here's a few tips to help smooth the process.

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san jose sharks tickets We are hearing about more and more of this concept of robots. In financial services, robo-advisors are the rage as there is a shift of economic cycles.

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