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    al green love and happiness Australia’s most vulnerable people are falling through the cracks as Centrelink services become more automated, according to a new report.

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    wireless home phone Adecco Group’s national IT solutions manager and former acting CIO, Giovanni Ambrosini, believes automation and robotics are having a sweeping and profound effect on the recruitment market.

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    provincia tn it ​IT chiefs gathered at Melbourne's Eureka 89 to discuss the challenges they face when implementing internet-of-things projects. The luncheon was sponsored by Software AG.

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    virgin media box The federal government will shell out $70 million to replace tech infrastructure at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Perth.

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    australia opera house The digital era has been hard enough to come to grips with. But at its heart the term ‘digital’ is rooted in a very simple binary code of ones and zeros.

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    quiet storm music As they strive to innovate and digitally transform their organisations, utilities are hitting a major barrier: their cultures.

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    i am sorry poems Data analytics is transforming the way businesses and governments provide services to clients and customers, and has earned a place as one of the core disrupters of the digital age.

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    ill never break your heart lyrics IT chiefs gathered in Sydney to talk about the power of analytics and its transformative influence on both business and government. The luncheon was sponsored by SAS.

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    tomtom rider europe A new flight data application is providing Qantas pilots with data to help them fly more efficiently and help reduce carbon emissions.

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    sms bonne nuit Analyzing lots of data is only part pf what makes big data different from previous data analytics. Learn what the other three aspects are

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    new hampshire capital Johnson & Johnson's Geoff Quattromani struggled in high school but he has managed to carve out a successful career in IT.

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    one thousand white women Facilitates robust interactions among our global leaders in order to bring measurable value to their organisations and to support their professional development.