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    black death symptoms In the face of an explosion in demand for responsiveness at-scale, high-availability and security, IBM's Wesley McDonald discusses how modern IT professionals are feeling pressures to build solutions based on open source technology.

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    debat tv one The Internet has created radical changes in our personal lives. We now live in a “consumerised” online world where we shop for products and services with a few taps on a smartphone.

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    videos de tango The ongoing economic instability plaguing developed economies has impacted many vertical markets and the legal sector is no exception. Law firms need to innovate and grow despite reduced demand.

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    cracks for software TradeMonster uses a hybrid HTML5 approach to develop a mobile app that closely resembles the company's Web trading platform.

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    travelling the world Amid a White House directive to scale back underused data centers, an effort that will take years to complete, federal CIOs begin to tackle the challenges involved. Among those challenges are incomplete inventories and cost concerns.

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    chinese animal symbols CIO's Publisher Adam Dennison wonders why all the burdens of IT process-creating and policy-making for new technologies must fall on the CIO's shoulders. Should vendors be stepping up to help?

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    rock cycle animation A pilot program from the Society for Information Management shows the value of taking on a protege from outside your own organisation.

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    situations escape the fate IT departments can keep employees from using malware-infested mobile apps by creating an internal store of company-approved apps. The store can also collect feedback from users about their preferences.

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    hard floor cleaner We've heard it many times in many forms -- expect to be breached, expect that you've been breached, expect that you are being breached.

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    philippine real estate Disaster recovery and the cloud should be a match made in heaven. Take a function that enterprises love to hate and address it with an outsourced, efficient cloud service that makes it easier and less expensive to reach recoverable nirvana, and presto - instant success. Well, not so fast.

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    caixa de pandora Two-city breakfast event dishes details on challenges and opportunities

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    traduttore frasi inglese italiano SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative analytics, BI and data management software and services, SAS helps turn your data into better decisions.