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    bones tv series Intel’s Australia and New Zealand managing director Kate Burleigh is leaving after 20-years at the chip maker.

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    handheld steam cleaner A lawsuit by Waymo, alleging the use by rival Uber Technologies of stolen trade secrets relating to autonomous vehicle technology, has been referred by a federal judge to a U.S. attorney, raising the possibility of a criminal investigation.

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    press one for english The Samsung Galaxy S8 tipped the scales in Android’s favor and finally got Senior Writer Sarah White to switch from her Apple's iPhone, and she’s not looking back.

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    the beatles revolution NuTonomy, a developer of software for self-driving cars, has teamed with Groupe PSA to integrate its software, along with sensors and computing platforms, into fully autonomous Peugeot 3008 sport utility vehicles that have been customized by the French car maker for the purpose.

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    kauai vacation rentals While it's likely that Apple will still reign in the enterprise for a while longer, the Galaxy S8 is the first Android device to compete with the iPhone in the business world.

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    how to write an english essay With a barrage of sensors, cameras and LiDAR equipment and embedded WiFi, autonomous vehicles are expected to produce an ocean of big data that could reach about 5,800 exabytes in size.

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    picture of rosa parks Sedric is all-electric, fully autonomous, and operated by a voice-controlled AI agent.

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    tak mialo byc ARM's Mali-C71 image signal processor will analyze every pixel from cameras on-board a car, and much like a human eye, read the image, and help make driving decisions.

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    yer so bad Hoping to get self-driving vehicle companies to share a common platform rather than design from scratch, Baidu said Tuesday it would offer its technology for autonomous driving to other companies, while also partnering in the joint sourcing of components and hardware.

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    wii dancing mat The future may seem bright for the car. A whole host of technologies -- including self-driving systems – is set to reinvent the vehicle, and make it more computerized than ever.



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    jonathan rhys meyers this time Two-city breakfast event dishes details on challenges and opportunities